Basic Premise to the Student Code of Conduct

Basic Premise

The University has the power and responsibility to take proper disciplinary action against students whose behavior threatens or disrupts the mission of the University. This is the general principle governing the jurisdiction of the disciplinary authorities of the University. It means that the disciplinary powers of the University extend to behavior that disrupts the educational process and other activities that are recognized as the lawful mission of the University. It also means that it extends to behavior that violates the peace and order of the University in such a manner that members of the University cannot go about their proper business secure in their persons and property. Behaviors that violate the Student Code of Conduct may also violate criminal or civil law, and as such may be additionally subject to proceedings under the external justice system. The Student Code of Conduct in no way precludes a person who incurs damage or injury from seeking redress in the civil or criminal courts. Students have responsibility for knowing and abiding by the policies of the University.

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